Musial Moments

The St. Louis Sports Commission has created an innovative program fostering civility, respect and selflessness among young people throughout the St. Louis region. Inspired by the great Stan Musial, the organization visits schools in the bi-state area to introduce the concept of “Musial Moments” and to instill the qualities of sportsmanship on and off the field.

Musial Moments features a fun, free, interactive and impactful 45-minute presentation led by Sports Foundation Director Solomon Alexander. A former teacher, experienced public speaker and authority on sportsmanship, Solomon encourages audience members to have fun, be good and play right. He motivates students to show kindness, integrity and selflessness, just as Stan The Man did during his illustrious career and life.

A history lesson on Stan Musial opening young eyes to his relevance, excellence, humility and generosity.

An introspection of why we play sports and what matters on the playing field and in life.

A viewing of contemporary examples of extraordinary sportsmanship that inspire and uplift.

An interactive call to action for audience members to create their own “Musial Moments,” all with the goal of helping one another and making our community better.

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Musial Moments presentations are geared for young people in third grade through high school. Funding from St. Louis Sports Commission supporters enables this program to be offered at no cost to participating groups.

100+ Schools Visited in Missouri and Illinois
Over 35,000 children have seen the Musial Moments presentation
45 minutes of impactful stories about kindness and selflessness

Check out the video below to see what Musial Moments is all about.

We all have all witnessed a “Musial Moment” – acts of kindness and selflessness that take place during a competition or in everyday life. Many of these acts go completely unnoticed and do not receive the attention and recognition they deserve. If you have seen a Musial Moment, or have one of your own you’d like to share, post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Use #MusialMoment and tag @MusialAwards.

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