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The Sports Commission and its events have benefited from outstanding volunteer support. Tens of thousands of St. Louisans have devoted time and energy to contribute to the success of events like the U.S. Olympic Festival, the NCAA Final Four, NCAA Wrestling Championships and many others. The dedication and enthusiasm exhibited by area volunteers help make St. Louis a premier host region for big-time sporting events.

You can make your mark on America’s best sports city by volunteering to help out at Sports Commission activities and other sporting events taking place throughout the St. Louis community. Several volunteer opportunities are listed below. These do not include the additional NCAA or major championship events that vary from year to year.

For more information, contact Tim Ryan at 314-345-5101 or

Current Volunteer Opportunities


Biz Dash 5K

  • One of the Sports Commission’s annual events, the Biz Dash brings local companies together for a fun night of fitness, networking, and team camaraderie.
  • There are several jobs throughout the team village and the race course that are available for volunteers to choose from. All volunteers will receive a free Biz Dash 5K shirt.
  • Click here to learn more about the Biz Dash.

The Musial Awards

  • It is the most meaningful and inspiring night in sports. Hosted annually in St. Louis, the Musial Awards celebrate the greatest moments and stories of sportsmanship from around the country.
  • Volunteering jobs include set-up and tear-down, assistance with check-in, and a chance to be part of one of St. Louis’ best nights of the year.
  • Click here to learn more about the Musial Awards.

The Sportsmanship Brigade

  • The Sports Commission’s Sports Foundation seeks volunteers to be part of its Sportsmanship Brigade. This unique program encourages the development of positive sports environments for kids by promoting and publicly acknowledging acts of sportsmanship.
  • Brigade volunteers attend St. Louis area youth sports events scouting for acts of great sportsmanship and outstanding character by athletes, coaches and fans.
  • Click here to become a Brigade volunteer or to obtain more information.