The 2019 Catering Menu can be viewed below.  All orders were due by Thursday, September 5.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order food and beverage the day of the event?
Not through this pre-ordering process. Any food and beverages purchased the day of will have to be purchased through the vendors in the Spire Team Village.

Will there be a server in my tent?
There will be service personnel bringing out the beverages and food. They check on tents periodically, but will not be assigned to a tent.

When will my food and drink be delivered to my tent?
All pre-­ordered food and beverages will be delivered to your tent within 15 minutes of team captain’s arrival.

How will I pay for my pre-­ordered food and beverage?
To order catering for your tent, click the “Place Catering Order” button at the bottom and complete the order form.  After submitting, you will be prompted to fill out a credit card authorization form. Please complete and submit the form to Morgan Ripper at by Thursday, September 5. If we do not receive a correct, complete credit card authorization form by September 5th, we cannot guarantee that your order will be filled. After your card is processed, you will receive an email receipt confirming your total payment with additional service and processing fees included.

Can I add more food and beverages to my order if more is needed?
We highly recommend you wait to finalize your team’s headcount before placing an order. If you do need to add more food or beverages, you will need to resubmit the order form with a note in the comments section saying it is in addition to the previous order. You will not be required to fill out another credit card authorization form.

Can I bring in my own food and drink?
Personal beverages and coolers will not be allowed in the team village. We highly encourage teams to utilize the menu options through our official catering partner, Schnucks! Water and bananas will be offered at the finish line along with your complimentary Michelob Ultra. Personal food will be permitted.

What if I don’t have a tent or forget to send in my form in on time?
For teams without a tent, there will be food and drink vendors in the Spire Team Village. Participants without a tent will be able to purchase food and beverages through those vendors.


Please direct any other questions to Morgan Ripper at




* Food is served on trays with lids.

* Service personnel will be near tents.

* No food substitutions or modifications allowed. Trays come as is.

* Total price includes taxes, fees, service charges, and paper goods.


VEGETARIAN TRAY $75.00 Each  |  Serves 15-20
Includes an assortment of vegetarian sandwiches:
1) GLT Wraps (Gouda, lettuce, tomato)
2) Jackfruit with BBQ sauce on egg bun
3) Steamed asparagus on baguette with boursin cheese, crumbled feta, red onion, and arugula

DELI SANDWICH TRAY $62.00 Each  |  Serves 8-10
Includes all 3 sandwiches below featuring Schnucks signature meats and cheeses on a salt and pepper egg bun:
1) Ham and Swiss with grain mustard, garlic mayo and red onion
2) Seasoned beef and Colby Jack with horseradish and red onion
3) Peppered turkey with garlic mayo, red onion, and arugula
*Can substitute pretzel bun as an option – Must specify when placing order.

CHEESE APPETIZER TRAY $75.00 Each  |  Serves 8-10
Includes: Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, Sharp Cheddar, and Smoked Gouda, garnished with strawberries, grapes, and leaf lettuce

CRAISIN WALNUT SALAD $30.00 Each  |  Serves 4-6
Spring mix, craisins, walnuts, blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

CHEF SALAD WITH RANCH DRESSING $30.00 Each  |  Serves 4-6
Chopped lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, cheddar, mozzarella, ham, turkey, and ranch dressing

VEGGIE TRAY $60.00 Each  |  Serves 10-15
Broccoli, carrots, celery sticks, grape tomatoes with ranch dressing

FRUIT TRAY $50.00 Each  |  Serves 8-10
Pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon and grapes

COOKIE TRAY $25.00 Each  |  Serves 15-20
Includes 30 cookies in the following varieties: sugar, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin


Schnucks 24-Pack Bottled Water  |  $8.00 Each



* Cost includes cups, ice, tub & tap

Guide to Beer Keg Sizes >

1/6 KEG  Michelob Ultra  |  $225.00 Each
1/2 KEG  Michelob Ultra  |  $375.00 Each

1/4 KEG  Bud Light  |  $300.00 Each
1/2 KEG  Bud Light  |  $375.00 Each

1/6 KEG  Goose Island IPA  |  $225.00 Each
1/2 KEG  Goose Island IPA  |  $375.00 Each



Meant for smaller teams that would not drink a keg.

* Cost includes 24 beers, ice and cooler

Michelob Ultra (12 oz. cans)  |  $90
Bud Light (12 oz. cans)  |  $90
Goose Island IPA (16 oz. cans)  |  $105






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