Biz-Dash_Register_Manage-Your-Team_175pxA Team Captain must be designated by each company to coordinate their team. It is encouraged and recommended that teams assign multiple Team Captains if your team is larger than 8 people. (Please Note: Only one (1) team is allowed to be created per company. Teams may have an unlimited number of participants.)


The Team Captain(s) is responsible for:

  • Creating the company team on the registration page.
  • Setting the company team preferences and payment methods.
  • Advertising and recruiting employees company-wide to participate.
  • Informing employees how to join the company team.
  • Making additional purchases in the captain store regarding tents, tables and chairs.
  • Ordering food and beverages for your team tent.
  • Finalizing the team roster to ensure all participants register before the deadline.
  • Coordinating company team packet pick-up.
  • Distributing and communicating race day materials and information to their team participants.
  • Motivating the company to participate in the t-shirt contest and entering the company’s t-shirt design.


Team Captain Guide Book

**Those interested in getting their company involved and/or becoming a Team Captain can download a Team Captain Guide book that explains all the steps for registering, setting up your team, and promoting the event at your company.  Team Captain Guides will be available when registration opens.


Promotional Materials

Promote the Biz Dash 5K within your organization and recruit employees for your team by using the resources below. Promotional materials and digital graphics will be available for download soon.  If you would like any promotional materials shipped, please contact Kyle Stegeman at


Tent Rentals

The World Wide Technology Team Village is the perfect spot for your team to meet prior to the race and the place to be for the post-race tailgate festivities. Make sure your team has a space to hang out, enjoy your food and beverages, and refuel after the race!

Tent spaces are limited and we will close reservations once it’s sold out, even if it is before the deadline. Larger sized tents will sell out first. Tent locations will be determined by the Biz Dash event management when payment is received.


Rent A Team Tent:

  1. You can reserve a Team Tent by going to the Captain Store. From the Team Captain page, click the “MANAGE YOUR TEAM” button to access the Team Captain Tools and the Captain Store.
  2. Team Captains can choose what size tent they would like as well as how many tables and chairs they will need. Please reference the information below for tent sizes and how many tables and chairs will be available for each. It is recommended that you determine the number of participants your company will have before you purchase your team tent.
  3. Tent rentals are non-refundable after purchase.
  4. Each Tent Rental includes ONE tent banner with your Company name.
  5. Team Captains can purchase additional tables and chairs for their tent through the Captain Store as well.
  6. Team tents will be numbered and team captains will be notified of the number and location of their tent on Monday, August 28.
  7. Tent locations are at the discretion of the Biz Dash event management.
  8. Tent rentals are due by Friday, August 25.


Please Note:

  • There are a limited number of tent spaces available.
  • It is recommended that you determine the number of participants your company will have before you purchase your team tent.
  • Orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Teams are encouraged to decorate their tents to enhance their space. Generators will not be allowed at tents so we recommend battery-powered items.
  • Private tents and tables are not allowed.
  • Teams MUST PURCHASE a tent in order to bring personal food and beverages.
  • There will be NO: vehicles allowed in the tent area, open flames, barbecue/grilling, live or amplified entertainment at your tent.
  • There will be NO promotions, giveaways or sampling of food or beverages of any kind, unless otherwise given written permission by the Biz Dash event management.
  • These rules will be enforced by event staff throughout the pre-race and post-race festivities.




Tent-10x10-Icon_300px10′ x 10′ Tent  |  $350 each
–  1 table (8 ft)
–  4 chairs
–  Company name banner

**You can add up to chairs at $5 each and/or tables (8 ft) at $10 each


Tent-10x20-Icon_300px10′ x 20′ Tent  |  $600 each
–  2 tables (8 ft)
–  8 chairs
–  Company name banner

**You can add chairs at $5 each and/or tables (8 ft) at $10 each


Tent-20x20-Icon_300px20′ x 20′ Tent  |  $950 each
–  4 tables (8 ft)
–  16 chairs
–  Company name banner

**You can add chairs at $5 each and/or tables (8 ft) at $10 each



20′ x 40′ Tent  |  $1,400 each
–  8 tables (8 ft)
–  32 chairs
–  Company name banner

**You can add chairs at $5 each and/or tables (8 ft) at $10 each


Packet Pick-Up

The times and locations of packet pick-up for the Biz Dash teams will be available closer to the event. The Team Captain or a designated team employee will be responsible for picking up their team box that will have all of their team members’ packets.

For participants registered on the Sports Foundation team, they can pick up their individual packets at the times and locations listed.  They will not be included in the team boxes.


  • Team roster
  • Race bibs with timing strips and safety pins
  • Tear tags for complimentary beer and giveaway item (attached to bib)
  • Biz Dash participant shirts

All team members have to be pre-registered before the event. There will be no registration available on race day.

The World Wide Technology Team Village map and key will be emailed to the Team Captains on Monday, September 24, 2018. Please be on the lookout or check the Team Village page for updates.







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