Team captains will select an industry category when creating their company team. This category will create division assignments that enable companies to compete against similar companies / industries. There are 13 industry categories to choose from listed below:


1. Banking, Finance & Investments
Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies, Stock Brokers, Investors, Real Estate


2. Legal & Accountants
Law Firms, Auditors, Bookkeepers


3. Hospitals & Health-Care
Medical Centers, Clinics, Doctor’s Offices, Medical Supplies, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Chiropractors, Pharmaceuticals


4. Transportation & Utilities
Railroad, Trucking, Shipping, Energy, Logistics


5. Insurance
Life, Health, Auto, Home


6. Sales, Retail, & Hospitality
Merchandise & Wholesale Sales, Hotels, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Food Services, Automobile Dealerships


7. Engineering & Construction
Engineers, Architects, Designers, Industrial, Manufacturers, Mechanics


8. Military, Government & Education
Division or branch of Military, Government including City, County, State or Federal, Public or Private Schools, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue


9. Communications, Media & Marketing
Television, Radio, Newspapers & Magazines, Advertising, Public Relations


10. Sports, Recreation & Entertainment
Fitness and Exercise, Professional or Amateur Sports, Leisure Services


11. Technology, IT & Electronics
Start-ups, Computers & Equipment, Servers, Web Hosting, Video Conferencing, Phone Services


12. Foundations & Non-Profits
Charitable, Religious, Clubs


13. Running Clubs
St. Louis area clubs, teams, groups






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